Sophie Turner new Series| ‘Joan’ The CW set spinoff premier on 2024

The well-known actual-life jewel thief Joan Hannington is portrayed in the movie “Joan” Sophie Turner new Series (“Game of Thrones actress”). The series, which is set in the 1980s and centres on Joan, shows her as a loving mother to her six-year-old daughter Kelly but beset by a bad union with a violent criminal named Gary. When Gary flees, Joan seizes the chance to assume new identities and set out on a perilous journey to start again for herself and Kelly.

Sophie Turner new Series 'Joan'
Sophie Turner new Series ‘Joan’

Along with Turner, the cast also includes Gershwyn Eustache Jr. (“I May Destroy You”), Laura Aikman (“The Split”), Kirsty J. Curtis (“Match Not Found”), Frank Dillane (“Fear the Walking Dead”) as Boisie, a London antique dealer, and Laura Aikman (“Fear the Walking Dead”) as Val, Boisie’s wife.

Written by Anna Symon (“Mrs. Lowry & Son”), “Joan” is a film that Richard Laxton (“Rain Dogs”) is in charge of directing. Head of drama Polly Hill ordered the show, which is produced by Snowed-In Productions in collaboration with All3Media and the CW. International distribution is handled by All3Media. Along with Paul Frift serving as producer, executive producers include Ruth Kenley-Letts, Jenny Van Der Lande, Neil Blair, and Richard Laxton.

Sophie Turner new Series plot ‘Joan’

Sophie turner new Series in the CW's-Joan
Sophie turner new Series in the CW’s-Joan

The 1980s, a decade famed for its iconic music, daring fashion trends, and social upheavals, are the backdrop of the movie Joan, which centres on infamous jewel thief Joan Hannington. The first episode of the series introduces Joan, a feisty and unyielding woman in her twenties who is severely scarred and exposed. She is a loving mother to her daughter Kelly, who is six years old, but she is entangled in a tragic union with a violent felon named Gary. Joan takes advantage of the chance to start over for herself and her kid after Gary flees. By taking on various identities and meeting new people along the way, Joan develops into an expert diamond thief.

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Joan release date

Release of the series is planned for 2024. As the month and dates are not finalized yet. The infamous diamond thief Joan Hannington’s story will be told in the new television series Joan.

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