Small World in Freezer Full Movie| Netflix episode Ice Age

Ice Age Episode of the show Love Death and Robots on Netflix:

The Animation series Love Death and Robots consists of 3 Seasons. The so called episode ‘Small World in Freezer’ is in Volume 1 which has 18 episodes in total. The episode ‘ICE AGE’ is among one them.

A story about a young couple Gail and Rob, who just moved into an apartment building where there is an antique refrigerator. To commemorate the event the couple decides to have a drink and Rob digs into the freezer for some ice cubes.

In the freezer, they discover a fast-moving miniature civilization that goes from the Medival era to the Industrial Revolution in a span of 10 minutes. Time moves so fast inside the freezer that soon it goes into war and a tactical nuke blows and burns Rob’s face.

Gail and Rob then decide to leave them be and order some pizza. After an hour they open the freezer and find the civilization has rebuilt, and has moved further into its future with technology evolving at a rapid pace. They ultimately evolve into a race of energy beings, return to a singularity that results in beautiful visuals, and vanish from the freezer.

The next day when Rob decides to clean, the freezer now has a prehistoric world, with primitive sapiens under attack by dinosaurs…

And the cycle goes on.

In the year 2019, Netflix released an anthology of 18 episodes for an Original series completely dedicated to Amination which has quickly grown in popularity and gained a huge fanbase over a very short period of time. Each episode has a unique and each having story and plot of its own.


Small world in a Freezer concept:

This concept is quite a unique one and one of its kind, it creates a spark of curiosity among the viewers. Which in turn created a fan base that is solely dedicated to this amazing series.

Visualize a tiny world where there are miniature races of beings and you are the celestial being with power over them and slight indulgence into this world can alter their whole existence. This concept in this episode makes you imagine what it would feel like to have a tiny world of your own and you could view it and learn from it eventually implementing it in your own life. Sounds pretty sweet huh??

Other noteworthy episodes of Love Death and Robots:

There are a few lists of episodes that one must definitely watch.

Other note-worthy episodes with very unique and abrupt concepts are:


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The Dump
Night of the MIni Dead


Watch the ‘Fish Night Trailer

Fish Night
Fish Night


Zima Blue
Zima Blue


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Mason's Rats
Mason’s Rats



What is the type of animation used for the Ice Age:

The type of animation is real-time and it is quite different from other episodes where the main characters are real people and the rest of it is animation. This helps us relate to the plot of the episode where we place ourselves in the place of the young couple and view the world inside the freezer through their eyes.


Although we do hope that we would deserve a whole movie based on this unique concept, however, we were only blessed with a short but really amazing ‘ICE AGE’ episode that satisfies our thirst for quality content for the time being.

We do hope to see more of this in the future…

Happy Viewing!!

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