Is 2012 a Dystopian movie?| 6 Best Dystopian movies


How Is 2012 a Dystopian Movie? Billions of occupants of Earth are ignorant of the fact that the natural resources of the planet have a lapse date. Listening to the warnings of an American researcher (Chiwetel Ejiofor), world pioneers start secret arrangements for the endurance of a select group of the citizenry. At the point when the worldwide disaster at long last happens, Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) a failed writer attempts to lead his family somewhere safe and secure as the world beginnings going to pieces.

A scene from the movie 2012
A scene from the movie 2012

Is 2012 a Dystopian movie?

The answer is…..

Yes—“2012” is in fact a dystopian disaster movie directed by Roland Emmerich, released in the year 2012. The plot of the movie is based on the year 2012 that tells us a story about the catastrophic destruction of the planet, that leads to the end of the world. It portrays visions of a terrifying future that most movie viewers would consider dystopian.

2012 movie scene of Charlie Frost
2012 movie scene of Charlie Frost

Total destruction is caused by a series of earthquakes, followed by volcanic eruptions and massive tsunami waves destroying anything in its path including major cities and prominent landmarks. The story revolves around an Average American Dad trying to put things right and trying to survive and leading his family to safety.

What is a Dystopian theme movie?

Hmm, where do I start…
For a movie to be considered dystopian the basic understanding of a normally functioning society has to be abandoned, In a society or world the norm is chaos and is characterized by oppression, suffering, and often a governing body of bullies and thugs(to just put it simply).

Dystopian movie list
Dystopian movie list

The post-apocalyptic world turned into a wasteland a minuscule reminiscence of the world it used to be. Individuality is non-existent(not much different from how we live today), freedom and free speech are controlled, and severe punishment is given if opposed.

Some well-known examples of dystopian theme movies include…
-The Matrix
-Children of Men
-The Hunger Games Series
-Divergent Series

Why are there so many Dystopian movies?

There are many reasons why dystopian movies are so popular. Here are a few possible explanations:

Reflection of current events: Dystopian movies are a mirror of modern times and fears. For example, movies like “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent” address the extreme control government has on people’s lives, an unjust society, which many people can relate to today.

Scene from a Dystopian Movie Snowpiercer

Escape from reality: Viewers look at the dystopian genre as an escape from the real world. Where people can forget about their personal problems and rather look at the protagonist dealing with similar issues in their crazy world.

Forces them to think: The Dystopian movie theme forces the viewers to think critically about the world around them and wake up to take action. By presenting an undesirable future and making the viewers realize that they might end on similar grounds if not acted upon them soon.

Is 2012 a Dystopian movie?
Destruction Scene from the movie 2012

Action-packed: Action is a common theme when it comes to Dystopian movies and high-stake drama where the protagonist fights for their deer life, which results in a highly entertaining plot.

List of some great Dystopian movies:

Children of men

The Soldiers Scene from the Movie Children Of Men
The Soldiers Scene from the Movie Children Of Men

The Matrix

Scene from the movie The Matrix Reloaded
Scene from the movie The Matrix Reloaded

Divergent Series

Divergent Movie Trailer

Blade Runner

Scene from the movie Blade Runner
Scene from the movie Blade Runner

Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer


Snowpiercer Trailer


Overall the movie ‘2012’ is an amazing watch with great CGI for its time. Run time of 2 hrs contains all the cliche scenes and plots that a generic destruction movie has, just that it is rather a summed-up version of all of them and a complete package, which leaves viewers satisfied

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