1. Fewer calories consumed: Artificial sweeteners can be used in smaller amounts to obtain the desired degree of sweetness because they are considerably sweeter than ordinary sugar

2. Lack of calories: Since artificial sweeteners are not metabolised in the same way as sugar, they do not itself contain calories.

3. Impact on hunger and cravings: According to some research, eating artificial sweeteners may interfere with the body’s satiety and hunger signals

4. Individual differences: Everyone reacts to artificial sweeteners differently. Artificial sweeteners may help some people lower their overall calorie  

5. Total dietary pattern: It is unlikely that switching from sugar to artificial sweeteners in an otherwise unhealthy diet will result in noticeable weight loss

6. Dental health: Artificial sweeteners are less likely to cause tooth decay and cavities than sugar since they are not fermented by mouth bacteria.

7. Digestive issues: Consuming artificial sweeteners, especially in high doses, may cause some people to develop digestive problems

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