Is FRIENDS better than The Office?


There is a common question in the TV series world Is FRIENDS better than The Office? FRIENDS, is a show with warm humor and straightforward characters, a light-hearted story plot. A story about 6 friends living in New York City, known for its smart one-liners, iconic characters, catchy theme music, and top-notch writing.

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On the other hand, we have The Office US, a show with a cringe-humor and mockumentary-type theme. A story about employees working in the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Great character development and noteworthy cold open and subtle use of camera work which makes us laugh without the background laughing track.

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Is FRIENDS better than The Office US?

No, FRIENDS is not better than The Office. Although everybody is subjected to their personal liking regarding a television series, however the overall plot and characters combined with the different aspects of filming the episodes, which were majorly shot in the office. You can relate to the cast from The Office more as they portray an almost life-like resemblance to real-life scenarios.

Let me explain it in detail…

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Why was The Office US so successful?

  • Unique format: The show The Office used a mockumentary-type format that is uncommon and a fresh concept, which was different as compared to any other sitcoms at the time. This format made it stand out even more giving it a fresh feel.
  • Strong writing: The show’s writing was so witty and smart, which, in turn, helped the characters develop and more relatable to the viewers watching. The writers incorporated a concept of social commentary and satire, further making the show both entertaining and thought-provoking.
  • Talented cast: The show has a talented cast who possess excellent chemistry due to which they were able to deliver the show’s excellent humor in a more natural and believable way. Furthermore, the actors helped bring out depth and humanity in their characters, making them more than just caricatures.
  • Timing: At a time when people were ready to change e the scene in sitcoms is the time when ‘The Office’ came out. Released at a time when reality TV show was out, and viewers wanted a more authentic and unscripted feel to their television shows, this helped them solidify their place into the popularity status that it has reached now.
  • Cult following: With the show gaining more popularity it quickly gained a loyal fanbase who were constantly marketing and preaching nothing but praise of this show. I mean… who wouldn’t, once they have started watching it. This in turn helped the show run for longer in spite of the fact that its original run ended prematurely.
The Office mockumentary-style show

What TV shows are recommended to people who enjoyed watching The Office?

Here are a few shows which have the same if not similar theme to that of The Office.

Parks and Recreation: Another mockumentary-style sitcom that is set in the imaginary town of Pawnee, Indiana, following the misfortunes of its particular and energetic government workers.

Parks and Recreation cast

Seinfeld: Dubbed ‘the funniest TV-show in History’, undertakings of chaotic New York City professional comic Jerry Seinfeld and his similarly chaotic companions.

Seinfeld cast members

Happy Viewing!!


To put it simply if you enjoy good laughter and a show which you can relate to then I would say that Office is a much better choice than FRIENDS since we have a diverse cast with unique yet pretty commonly found traits a good plot and fun to watch. But hey… this is just my opinion, you be the judge and decide for yourself.

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